Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie – A Great Hit Even Before The First Shoot

Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie - A Great Hit Even Before The First Shoot

Nowadays, the launch of new Movie production doesn’t make as much hush-hush on the TV channels and magazines as is making the Movie Fifty Shades. Numbers of reasons have brought this movie in the lime light of media from the very debut day, while the announcement of making this streaming hot movie made public by its producers Dana Brunetti and Michael De. Just roped in Kelly Marcel a British TV and film screen-writer has grandiosity responsibility to press this project a great success. The lady has proved hier ability et cetera mastery to mix blend the flavors of emotion, depressions, sadness, excitements and intimacies. Depth of both the characters is too wide and it is really a tough challenge to depict the true shades of their characters on lustrous screen.

EL James’s legs trembler novel Fifty Shades of Grey has already attained the extremes concerning popularity and demand. The expectations are high with this production. The experience and internationally recognized talent of each member associated upon this Picture Fifty Shades ignite the rebuilt expectations with every racy move by the core team.

Every development about Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie making becomes breaking poop in demand. The records state that over 40m copies have been sold out worldwide; this figure proves the popularity and likeliness of lecture of characters in all the audience segments. So much wide scale publicity at this very initial stage, when we all are waiting for the cast finalization, poses great challenges for the producers, actors and directors also. After the team formation of producers and directors, the uphill task that is still pending and is in process, is the selection of actor for lead male role. The hero of Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie is billionaire business. To satisfy his passion, he hires a litter lady initially for a business task but turns hier in to a remunerated female sex slave.

The cast selection process is going on since months but lifelessness we are keeping our lips closed for the final names. More than fifty actors et al actresses have been screened; many of these are ranked very close to each other. Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer are being said close rivals for the lead role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey the Movie. But one question that arises about the suitability of their candidature for the role of 27-years-old successful businessman -Christian Grey, is about their age. Bomer has celebrated 35th just few months back while Bledel came to 31 yrs age mark. Critics doubt that the age factor may go against the expectations from the great film. Henry Cavill aged 29 is also in close competition with Bledel and Matt Bomer.