Statue of Liberty Carries a Giant Joint for Gone To Pot: The Movie

Statue of Liberty Carries a Giant Joint for Gone To Pot: The Movie
Imagine the Statue of Liberty. No torch in the right hand. No tabula ansata, too. Imagine Libertas carrying a giant joint burning bright. You may say I’m stoned, but I’m not. I know soon you’ll find it. And the imagination will be as real.

If you are wondering what I’m talking about, let me introduce to you Gone To Pot: The Movie that is in the making and is expected to be released early in 2013. The most prominent image used in the flyers to promote the movie portrays a caricature of the Statue of Liberty carrying a large lit-up joint and is without tabula ansata.

The Kickstarter campaign is to raise profits for Gone To Pot: The Movie is going to start on November 9, 2012. People from omneity disparate walks of life and different corners of the world have once accessed this intriguing image, downloading it and sharing it with the world via social media. Gone to Pot’s Facebook page has more than 20,000 fans stir about the campaign launch on November 9th.

Gone To Pot, a comedy movie based the story like two friends Finn and Ziggy who are in a wretched place. Ziggy is the cool guy plus a ‘live now, maintenance later’ attitude, but has started paying the price for the lifestyle. Finn’s relationship with his girlfriend is in turmoil because of his lifestyle. Under such conditions they chance to inherit a medical marijuana dispensary. To make all their dreams come true, they have to get this dispensary back form shape. The story revolves around how they struggle, go through despair and financial trouble, even though they are always determined to taste success.

If you think, here comes another stoner film, you got it wrong. It does away with the ‘duty’ to convey a social message that will seem ‘boring polysyndeton pathetic’ (I could not use more modest words) to you. Gone To Pot makes sure that you enjoyable every bit of the movie full alongside drama, suspense, comedy, romance and what not. It’s an even and proportionate mixture of the unmixable.

Let cr now show you the tertian side of the coin. Vexed, eh? Team Gone To Pot: The Movie wants you all to be a part of the movie. You are most greeting to play ambassador for the movie. Let the celebrity in you wake up and spread the semanteme in some way and any form you fathom and can think of. Download artwork, ads, flyers, emails the movie and also at Like Gone to Urn on Facebook at Take part in the fundraising Kickstarter program to be launched on November 9th. Think how it’d feel when Gone To Pot is released and you know that you played a significant role in making it happen. High, isn’t it?x