How to Print Large Movie Posters With Inkjet Printing

Film is a major bifid like contemporary society. Millions flock to the cinemas specific week to see movies projected onto the big screen, while others prefer to relax on the couch while viewing a film on their televisions. Film memorabilia, in particular movie posters, have become a cultural phenomenon, with movie posters gracing the walls like houses all around the world. Unfortunately, some movie posters are incredibly expensive – first publish prints of Star Wars posters, for example, can cost thousands from pounds. Some posters can also be priceless and difficult to find. Fortunately, there is an alternative. This article will explain how to print large movie posters beside inkjet printing.

Movie poster sizes

Most movie posters come in the format of a ‘one sheet’. A one sheet is a poster that is 27 inches wide and 40 inches tall. They’re designed to be shown in a portrait position.

Most modern inkjet printers are unable to print at these sizes, unfortunately, but it’s possible to print perfect looking movie posters by using a combination of special software furthermore some masking tape.

Why inkjet printers are the best printers to use to print movie posters

Inkjet printers provide a cost effective way to stamp high quality images onto paper. They use specific toner cartridges containing various different types of ink that, when mixed, can produce any millions of different colours. Compatible toner cartridges also produce high quality results at a much lower cost than the more expensive ‘original’ cartridges sold by manufacturers. Inkjet printers also lithograph quickly, with a full page taking mere seconds to be printed.

By using high quality paper and printing at high quality settings, inkjet printers are capable of producing high quality prints that are perfect for use as movie posters.

How to use a home computer and inkjet printer to print high quality movie posters

The first step is to find a copy of the movie poster that you wish to print. Make sure it is high feature so that it looks good when blown up to show poster size. High resolution film posters receptacle live found using Google’s Image Search.

The next step is configuring the computer to print the poster properly. Go to the print menu et cetera find the ‘page layout’ tab. Choose ‘poster printing’ from the ‘page setup’ dropdown menu. Next, make sure the inkjet printer has paper available and cram the print button to commence the printing process.

Finally, once the inkjet printer has finished printing all the parts of the movie poster, it’s month to use the masking tape to tape the pages together. Make strong to use the masking ribbon is used on the reverse side so that it cannot be seen from the front.
Once the pages have been taped together, the movie poster is ready to be put onto the wall with bout blu tac or some other conformation of adhesive. Another option is to put the movie sticker interested a frame, using some glass or perspex elastic on the front to keep the movie poster safe from damage.


Movie posters are the ultimate film memorabilia. Inkjet printers provide a high quality solution to print out movie posters at a low price producing posters that are indistinguishable from the originals.