Editing Video with Windows Movie Maker

Tip 1: Setting Up a New Project
Open Windows movie maker , go to File→Save Project As→C Drive→Create Green Folder→ rename it Movie Maker projects→ Movie one→save.
Media Management(save temporary files which are created when effects are used): Tools→ Options→Browse→click Movie one Folder→OK .
Keep Mind:Movie Maker Plan Preferences and Advanced Preferences (choose4:3/16:9) just try by yourself.

Tip 2: Edit Video Clips in Movie Maker
Click on the Show Timeline button→drag the clip into the timeline.
Trim Edits
Trim the length of the clip: click on the selvage of a clip and drag it→Click on top of the timeline and drag to glide around a merrymaking head.
Split Edits in Movie Maker
If you want to destroy a clip into two clips, excellent the clip→move the play headline to where you want to cut→click on the Split Clasp icon.

Tip 3: Adding Transition for video in Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker includes about 60 transitions and 28 special effects you can easily use to adscititious professional touches and visual interest to your movies.
Transitions are how one scene switches to the next, you can use Movie Maker transitions to insert fades, flips, dissolves, et al other dramatic shifts between scenes
Step 1:Movie Taskspane→under Edit Movie→ View video transitions.
Step 2:Choose the desired transition→select and search into storyboard between desired clips.
Step 3:After inserting transition→sample the change in the Monitor to determine if it works in the way you desire.
Step 4:To metamorphous a transition you can either Undothe action, right click on the transition in the Storyboard and select delete, or simply road a new transition over the ancestral transition.

Tip 4: Add Titles and Credits in Movie Maker
Using the title and credits feature in Windows Movie Maker, you can easily create an interesting title sequence at the beginning of your movie and provide a list from credits and also place titles in between scenes of the movie.
Step 1: Movie Tasks pane→under Copyedit Movie→select Make titles or credits.
Step 2: Determine where you want to add a title and select that option.
Step 3: In the schoolbook container which appears, enter your desired text.
Step 4: At the bottom of the manual box, WMM provides options for changing text font style, size, and color, Text animation can also be manipulated through clicking on Change the title animation and selecting the desired options.
Step 5: Pro Re Nata text additions are made, a sample of the changes can be seen in the Monitor. When completed, select Done, add title to picture and the text will be added to the timeline.

Tip 5: Extrinsic narration for video
Home movies don’t deceive much audio. For example, filmed when snowboarding, there might be nonstop plot but nothing to listen to (except the cheering audience), Fortunately, for Windows Movie Maker, you have two options if you prefer to make up for the lack of audio: you can add or replace the audio with your own narration of the action, or with music.

Step1: If you accept a desktop computer, connect a microphone, If you have a movable computer, wont the built-in microphone. (external microphone recommend).
Step2:Select the Tools menu→Narrate Timeline→OK
Tips: On the timeline, click the clip you want to narrate.
Step3: Narrate Timeline window→select Form Narration→stop the manner candidly excellent Stop Narration→save your narration
Step4: Click Play on the Monitor (or top left of the timeline/storyboard) and sample your narration.

Tip 6:Use Dulcet in Your Movie Maker Project
Windows Movie Maker, you can add any music from your CD set to your movies
Movie Tasks pane→under Capture Video→Import audio or music→click the name of the song→click ImportDrag the song →click OK→Movie Maker shows your song on the timeline→Click Play in the Preview Monitor to watch your picture and listen to the background music→right-click the music→click Volume etc.

Tip 7: Add Commodities in Movie Maker
Edit video through blurring, increasing or decreasing brightness, speeding up or slowing fuzz frames, rotating images alternative video clips, fading in or fading out, and more.
Movie Taskspane→Edit Movie→View video effects→Choose the desired effect→select and drag into the storyboard substitute timeline over the desired clips→sample the change in the preview screen to determine.
Keep Mind: Right click on a specific hinder and postscript alternative remove effects. WMM fancy allow you to figure up to six different (or the same) effects on each clip.

Tip 8: Put Your Movie Maker Video on the Web
With WMM, Putting your confess home movies on the Fiber is almost as easy as watching them.
Step1:Movie Tasks pane→Finish Movie→Send to the Web→type a suggestive for your movie→click Next→select the type of Internet connection →click Next→On the Select a Video Hosting Provider further Sign In page(saves your screen puissance take several minutes)→select your video hosting provider→Type your user name and password→click Next→On the Completing the Lay Away Movie Thaumaturge page→select Watch my movie on the Web→click Finish.
Keep Mind: The Save Movie Wizard opens Web browser on video hosting provider’s page, so you can see what others will see during you share your movie. It’s likely smaller than it appears on computer for smaller videos are easier to share beyond the Internet.