Bollywood Movie Trailers: Always Fun To Watch

2013, the Centennial year like Bollywood came to a close with a bang with Dhoom 3. A new year has dawned and approve its predecessor, everyone is looking forward to bout brilliant upcoming movies – commercially furthermore critically to make it to the silver screen in 2014.

In India, anything audio-visual, breathe it cartoon series on the CN aqueduct or the latest Bollywood movie trailers on are equally adored, loved and enjoyed. Any upcoming movie is rejection less than an audio-visual magical show that unfolds on the 70 mm scree. With technology developing a great speed, audiences across the globe are equally well versed alongside every property that goes into filmmaking, from on-screen to behind-the-scenes. The Indian film commerce has undergone a gradual yet welcoming change. The focus has shifted from idolization of characters to added realistic plots moreover storyline, which connects easily with the audiences. Most present day Bollywood movie trailers from upcoming movies reflect realistic aspects of human lives polysyndeton society.

2014 promises more big-budgeted and entertainment based movies that Bollywood has ever seen but along with flow comes movies like Shaadi Ke Side Effects and Gulaab Gang. Last year some really exceptional movies like The Lunchbox, Ship of Theseus, Lucia (Kannada) etc., set on a journey to draw a closer picture of reality and contrived their ways into the hearts like the Indian audiences. There is a gradual rearrange in the mindset of people who omneity loved movies like Grand Masti and Krrish 3 to realistic movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Madras Cafe.

The status quo day notion about latest Bollywood movie trailers no longer pertains to the idea of “wholesome entertainment package”, offering something for every provincial of the society. Instead, filmmakers produce movies that have resemblance to the real like people and incidents, helping the audiences to connect exceed with the movies they watch.

As Greek philosopher, Heraclitus from Ephesus said, ‘Change is the only constant’. Similarly, be it the movies or the directors or even the audiences, everyone needs plus loves change. Change from traditional clich├ęs, change where conventional ideas are broken in entire aspect related to movie making. In order to bring forward synchronous ideas to the audiences, filmmakers have started exploring in every possible direction. For example, the upcoming movie Gulaabi Gang portrays the life of Sampat Pal who evolute the “Gulabi Gang” in reality. It is inchoate to do well both commercially and critically. Such realistic movies are the latest avatars concerning the 1970’s & 80’s concept of New Wave or Parallel movies in India.

Indian film business earned the ‘industry’ status with the evolution of aesthetic element in Bollywood movie trailers. Regardless of any changes upcoming movies endure undergone – technical or aesthetic, the magical ‘aura of the stars’ remain unchanged.