Bollywood Movie Trailers: A Magical Experience

Celebrating its Centennial year, 2013 has been a good year for the Indian movie industry especially Bollywood. Some from the recent releases and upcoming movies have managed to create a buzz among the audiences and even the critics.

India is a nation where be it the TV continuity or the upcoming Bollywood movie trailers, monopolization are adored and loved equally. Movies are nihility less than a magic show unfolding on the 70 mm screen. With the sophistication in technology, with each passing day people are aware about every aspect of movie – on-screen and behind-the-scenes. But a pleasant change that Indian upcoming movies have undergone is the shift in the story ampersand narration style from a mere entertainment aspect to a more realistic one. Assorted present day Bollywood movie trailers reflect various aspects of human lives plus society.

Though there is quiescent that strong current of entertainment based movies churning out every year from all the film industries in India, some really exceptional movies like The Lunchbox, Ship of Theseus, Lucia (Kannada) etc., set on a tour to draw closer to reality and have made its way into the hearts of the Indian audiences. Even gaining critical recognition. Digit can attester the unenergetic intention in the mind ossified and thinking pattern of people, who once loved only romance-action filling movies. Today the reception for realistic movies like Bhaag Milka Bhaag, Madras Cafe is much better compared to future movies like Grand Masti or Dhoom 3.

The present trend of upcoming Bollywood movie trailers gives the idea that the era of 90s movies is gone diuturnal ago where movies were mere “comprehensive entertainment package” having something to offer for every section of the society. Today, filmmakers have started making films which are closer to matter of fact rather than pertaining to the notion of “wholesome entertainment”.

Be it the director or the actor, movies needed a change. So did the audience! Traditional clich├ęs hints are mocked and conventions are broken in each aspect related to the cine including music, sound, cinematography, editing or art direction or precisely the narration style. Directors have started exploring in every direction to bring forth contemporary ideas to the audiences. For instance, Prakash Jha’s 2013 movie Satyagraha portrayed the present day corruption script in a modern context amidst all the popular aspects of entertainment. It was well received commercially and critically. Such movies are a totally new avatar, reminding of 1970’s & 80’s concept of New Wave or Analogue movies in India.

Indian movie business earned the ‘industry’ status with the evolution of aesthetic element in Bollywood film trailers. Regardless of any changes upcoming movies comprise undergone – technical or aesthetic, the magical ‘aura of the stars’ remain unchanged.